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Dogs + Mystery = Good Reads

Getting bored staying home? Looking for some diversion from the news? How about some book recommendations? I love dogs, and I love mysteries, so here are a few of my favorite cozy mystery series featuring dogs:

The Chet and Bernie Series by Spencer Quinn.

Chet is a wanna-be police dog who flunked the last test of police dog school, and his partner Bernie is a private detective. The books are written from Chet’s point of view, making for some laugh-out-loud moments. If you can, listen to the books on Audible. Jim Frangione makes Chet come alive. The first book in the series is “Dog On it.”

The Melanie Travis series by Laurien Berenson.

Melanie is an amateur detective who shows Standard Poodles. Her cohorts include her Aunt Peg, who has been breeding and showing Poodles forever, and professional handler friends. Thank goodness there aren’t this many murders at dog events in real life! These books are fun, and Laurien understands the dog show world. The first book in the series is “A Pedigree To Die For.”

The Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series by Margaret Mizushima

Mattie Cobb is a police officer in Timber Creek, with her police dog Robo. Mattie and Robo solve missing person cases, murders, and other crimes. Mattie and Robo are very likeable characters. The first book in the series is “Killing Trail.”

The FBI K-9 series by Sara Driscoll

Meg Jennings and her Labrador, Hawk, are based in Washington, DC. Hawk is certified as a tracking and search and rescue dog. The books are suspenseful and fast-paced. The first book in the series is “Lone Wolf.”

A Dog Lover’s Mystery Series by Susan Conant.

The series that got me started on all these cozy mysteries! Holly Winter is a freelance writer in Cambridge, MA. She lives with her Malamutes Rowdy and Kimi, who compete in conformation and obedience when Holly isn’t busy solving murders. The first book in the series is “A New Leash On Death.”

The Liss MacCrimmon Series by Kaitlen Dunnett

There are Scotties in this series! Unfortunately, they are very minor characters. But this is still a fun series set in Maine, where former-professional-Scottish-dancer-turned-amateur-detective Liss runs a Scottish emporium. The Scotties are owned by Liss’ aunt. The first book in the series is called “Kilt Dead.”

Know of a great mystery series that has dogs in it? Let me know! Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun with your dogs.

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