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The Nose Knows

Scent Games for Fun and Enrichment Class


Where: Colorado Springs Dog Training Center, 3334 Adobe Court

When: April 21, 11AM to noon (4 weeks)

What: 4 weeks, 1 hour per week, limit of 4 dogs in class. Pre-registration is required. Click here

Cost: $100 payable by cash or check at the first class. See class policies HERE.

Prerequisites: NONE! This class is suitable for puppies of any age, senior dogs, and all ages in between. Any size is welcome.

Bring: lots of small, smelly, VERY HIGH VALUE treats such as hot dogs (cut very small), cheese, Zukes, liver treats, cooked chicken. If your dog has a toy or ball that she loves, bring that too. Flat buckle collar or comfortable harness, 6-foot leash.


Tentative class outline. Class plans are subject to change.

Week 1

  1. Snuffle mats 101 - what are they, what can you put in them, when can you use them, what are they good for? How to make a snuffle mat. At home-  kibble in the grass.

  2. Food puzzle games - try some out. Talk about how to teach a dog to play.

  3. Cardboard boxes - hunting skills using food or toy

  4. Talk about how amazing dogs’ noses are!

  5. A word on resource guarding.


Week 2

  1. Review cardboard boxes

  2. Cardboard boxes - more challenges (on chairs? Stacked, more boxes)

  3. Introduce handler discrimination with coasters

  4. Talk about search and rescue - tracking vs air scenting

  5. Human hide and seek - very easy


Week 3

  1. Review handler discrimination with coasters

  2. Handler discrimination - more challenges - add my coaster

  3. Human hide and seek - more challenges

  4. Hide food/toy - more challenges

  5. Food puzzles - end easy

  6. Talk about odor theory


Week 4

  1. Intro to tracking

  2. Handler discrimination - 4 coasters (all other handlers)

  3. Hide and seek - more challenges (outside)

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