1) No refunds.
2) Any dog that is ill or presents a potential threat to other dogs or people may be
    asked to leave the class.
3) Dogs must be current on required vaccinations.
4) Any owner/handler who is abusive to their dog or to other class participants will      be asked to leave by the instructor.
5) Visitors to class are welcome, but must abide by these policies (including kids).           Kids are welcome in class, but must not be disruptive.
6) These policies are subject to change at any time.
7) Aversive equipment such as shock collars, choke collars, and pinch collars are       not allowed in any class. If you believe your dog requires aversive equipment for   training, please contact me before signing up for any class.

1) Payment is due at the first class each month. Payments can be made by check,         cash, or PayPal.

2) Missed classes: No refunds will be given if you miss a class. In scentwork group       classes, you can attend another class instead if space is available. The makeup           class must be attended within a month of the missed class. 

3) If you must miss a private class, 48 prior hours notice is required. If notification        is made within 48 hours of the scheduled class, you must pay in full for the class.
4) When a class is canceled due to weather, you will be given credit for that class in the following month. No refunds will be given for weather-related cancellations. 

5) No refunds. 



*Arrive several minutes before your class is scheduled to start so you have time to potty yourself and your dog, and get settled.

*Bring the required equipment - treats, water, bait bag, clicker, leash, crate, etc.

*Bring a good attitude! Your dog is happy to get to spend class time with you.

*Watch other dogs work. You'll learn much from their challenges and successes.