• k9engel

Whistle Recall Class!

Updated: Jan 3

Whistle recall, emergency recall - whatever you call it, you need it! I'm offering a class in February 2020 to help you teach your dog to come to a blown whistle. Great for hiking... A must for Master earthdog... Even for those lucky dogs who have a big backyard!

When: Thursday mornings 10AM to 11AM

Days: February 6, 13, 20, and 27 (weather permitting, we'll extend into March if necessary)

Cost: $100 (payable by check, cash, or PayPal)

Location: my completely fenced property in Peyton.

What to bring: lots of your dog's very favorite treats, a LOUD whistle, and a leash and collar for your dog.

Here's a short demo of Wager's whistle recall:


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