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Competition Scentwork Classes

Beginning Scentwork (Introduction to Odor) classes are held on Thursday mornings in Peyton, during the summer of 2022. Please fill out this form and inquire about novice nosework.

NOVICE NOSES CLASS: 6 weeks (1 hour of class each week), $160 (payable by check, cash, or PayPal), includes basic scent equipment to practice at home. This class will introduce a Trained Final Response to odor, introduce simple searches for odor, and lay the groundwork for competition. Class dates are June 9, 16, 23, 30, and July 7, 14. Limited to 3 dogs per class.

ADVANCED NOSES CLASS: 6 weeks, $150 (payable by check, cash, or PayPal). This class will cover introducing the elements - containers, interiors, exteriors, vehicles, and AKC buried. The dogs must have either been through Novice Noses class or be able to search for competition odor without pairing with food. Class will start in July (date to be determined).

Advanced classes and private class times are all full.

Use your dog's superpower for fun and competition! Nosework is a new sport that is mushrooming in popularity around the world. Any dog can learn to find and alert to odors - senior dogs, reactive dogs, puppies, big dogs, little dogs, fast dogs and slow dogs.


Kathy teaches the dogs to find odor in the very first lesson.


Her students are competing in NACSW, AKC, and USCSS scentwork trials.

Classes meet at various places in and around Colorado Springs.


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