Sniff & Go

Nosework Fun Match

Sunday, October 10, 2021

El Paso County Fairgrounds, Calhan, CO

Grandstand Building

Enter the fairgrounds from the south end off Calhan Highway

Detective/Elite style search

between 5 and 15 hides in a very large search area - find as many as you can!

Cost $25 per dog

I will run 4 dogs per hour, starting at 9AM

Entries are limited to 16 dogs

Entry will be by random draw of entries made between

Sept 14 and Sept 20.

Payment is not required until you make the draw.

Click here to enter

*Payment: check or PayPal is accepted. Visit the Payments page to submit entry fees through PayPal. Contact Kathy to pay by check. Don't pay until you've been notified that you are in the match.

*False alert = first 2 false alerts, you’ll lose 1 hide for each, but you can continue. 

3 False alerts will end your turn

drop food = lose ½ hide

pee/poop = end of run

*Prizes will be awarded!

*Hides will not be reset, so only one blind search per handler if you run multiple dogs.

*The grandstand building is completely enclosed, has a concrete floor, lots of picnic tables.

*No food service will be available, but there are a few food options in Calhan.

*An indoor restroom will be available for participants.

*A wait list will be kept if the match fills.

*Refunds: 100% refund if you withdraw by October 2. After that date, 100% of your entry fee will be refunded if your spot is filled from the wait list. 50% refund will be given if your spot can't be filled.