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K9 Clue Nosework Challenge


At this time, we are not allowed to hold classes. But we ARE allowed to exercise our dogs. So here’s an option for nosework fun while exercising your dog:


You and I agree on a time and place for your search, somewhere in El Paso county.

I will go to the pre-arranged place (such as Homestead Ranch Park) and set an unknown number of hides (“evidence”). 


I will let you know before you arrive what the exact search area is. I will tell you how many hides are in each search area, unless you want to make it REALLY challenging and have an unknown number.


 I will not be there for your search! Each hide will have masking tape on or near it with a random word or number written on it. That’s your “evidence.” You have to either take a photo of the hide or write down that word. Report back to me how many you found and tell me those words. I’ll let you know how you did. Hides will be “elite” meaning no rules on elevation, etc. You may not find them all, and that’s OK! The idea is for you to have fun finding pieces of “evidence.” I will post a video on YouTube of the hide locations and share it with you after you report back to me.


So, to recap - we will make a plan for when and where you want to do your search. I will set hides and leave before you get there. Your “cooking time” may vary!

 I will send you details on what your search area is (they will be BIG!), where your start line is, and give you the number of hides. I’m planning on setting at least 10-20 hides.

Search, and report to me the word you found on (or near) each hide.


Cost will be $20, payable by PayPal (or other pre-arranged method).


Please limit your search to 15-20 minutes (or when your dog says she’s done).


Please don’t touch, move or remove hides. I may have another team working that search after you.


If you have multiple dogs with the same handler, you have two options: You can run the second dog on the same search for an additional $10. Or you can request another search area for $20.


Remember to pay your dog!

Stay safe!