Wednesday Workshops

Each workshop will focus on a specific scentwork skill or game. All levels welcome, as long as the dog is able to search for unpaired odor.

Wednesday Workshops are held at the Colorado Springs Dog Training Center, 3334 Adobe Court. 

Pre-registration is required, and workshops are limited to 5 dogs.

Cost is $25, payable by cash, check, or Paypal.

Birch, anise, and/or clove will be used. The dogs must be able to search for unpaired odor.

Wednesday Workshops January 2020: Training an Indication

Dates: January 8, 15, and 22, February 5

Time: 12:30 - 2PM

Cost: $100, pre-registration is required. Pay by cash, check, or PayPal.

Limit: 5 dogs

Where: 3334 Adobe Court, Colorado Springs, Colorado Dog Training Center

Does your dog tell you where the odor source is? Do you struggle to read her? Does he leave source before indicating it to you? In this special 4-class workshop, we will train our dogs to give a solid indication on source, and to stay "on source" until they are released.

Dogs will work one at a time, and handlers are encouraged to watch other dogs work. Bring lots of favorite small treats, a 6 to 12-foot leash, and a collar or harness, or your dog's usual nosework equipment.

Past Workshops:

December 18, 2019: Visualize Scent

November 27, 2019: Foundation Games!

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