Wednesday Workshops

Each workshop will focus on a specific scentwork skill or game. All levels welcome, as long as the dog is able to search for unpaired odor.

Wednesday Workshops are held at the Colorado Springs Dog Training Center, 3334 Adobe Court. 

Pre-registration is required, and workshops are limited to 5 dogs.

Cost is $25, payable by cash, check, or Paypal.

Birch, anise, and/or clove will be used. The dogs must be able to search for unpaired odor.

Wednesday Workshop November 27, 2019: Foundation Games!

Time: 12:30 - 2PM

Cost: $25, pre-registration is required

Limit: 5 dogs

Where: 3334 Adobe Court, Colorado Springs, Colorado Dog Training Center


Take a break from holiday preparation! We'll play four games used in the Fenzi online academy to teach nosework foundation skills. Dogs will work one at a time, and handlers are encouraged to watch other dogs work. Bring lots of favorite small treats, a 6 to 12-foot leash, and a collar or harness, or your dog's usual nosework equipment.


 Toss Your Cookies! Using a clicker and a high rate of reinforcement, Toss Your Cookies! teaches the dog to pinpoint source, quickly drive to source, and encourages better odor obedience. 

Psyche! Does your dog look to you for answers during a search? Have you "sold" your dog on a false alert? In Psyche!, the dogs learn that their noses are the best odor locators, and handlers don't know squat.

Outta My Way! This game encourages odor obedience by using safe obstacles like cardboard boxes to block access to the odor source. Outta My way! builds confidence and drive to source.

You're On Your Own builds independent search skills by taking the handler out of the search. We'll start with an easy container search.

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